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1 2               3                   4
    5   6             7  
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    22               23
25       26                                
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32                                       33                  

1.agriculture designed to avoid the soil degradation that comes with conventional agricultural techniques
5.a substance, either natural or synthetic, that kills or controls organisms that people consider pests
8.large planting of a single species or variety; the dominate agricultural practice in the United States
10.type of agriculture that involves clearing land and using it for only a few years until the soil is depleted of nutrients
11.type of pesticide that focuses on a narrower range of organisms
12.A facility built into the side of a frozen mountain designed to resist a wide range of possible calamities, including natural disasters and global warming; has the capacity to store up to 14.5 million seed varieties, and as of 2010, contains more than 430,000 seed varieties
14.type of pesticide that targets plant species that compete with crops
15.the gas released by autotrophs, and what we need in order to breathe
16.the energy input per calorie of food produced
18.what plants absorb through their roots
26.increases crop growth rates or even enables crops to grow where they could not otherwise be grown
30.the process in which autotrophs use solar energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugar
31.occurs when soil remains under water for prolonged periods and impairs root growth because roots cannot get oxygen
32.type of fertilizer produced commercially and made of inorganic matter; uses fossil fuel energy to make
33.what a pesticide is called when they remain in the environment for a long time
34.another word for "autotroph" or "plant"
2.the production of crops without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers
3.what does "GMO" stands for
4.intercropping trees and vegetables
6.fulfills the need for food and fiber while enhancing the quality of the soil, minimizing the use of nonrenewable resources, and allowing economic viability for the farmer
7.when crop species are switched from season to season in a field
9.when autotrophs are used by people as a way of providing food or money when the people care for and grow them; kind of like the word "farming"
13.type of pesticide that kills many different types of pests
14.what trees and many other types of autotrophs provide for many different types of animals
17.the shift in farming methods that involved new management techniques and mechanization as well as the triad of fertilization, irrigation, and improved crop varieties.
19.plowing and harvesting parallel to the topographic contours of the land
20.used to make autotrophs grow better; some are made of fossil fuels
21.what a pesticide is called when it breaks down relatively rapidly
22.type of fertilizer composed of natural matter from plants and animals
23.another name for the sugar made by autotrophs
24.when trees and plant-life are completely destroyed in an area by burning, cutting down, or decomposition, and aren't replaced
25.when two or more crop species are planted in the same field at the same time to promote a synergistic interaction between them
27.type of pesticide that targets insects and other invertebrates that consume crops
28.occurs when the small amounts of salts in irrigation water becomes highly concentrated on the soil surface through evaporation; these salts can eventually reach toxic levels and impede plant growth
29.what a tree or other autotroph is called when they store carbon

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