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Stuart Gedal

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1.Every culture uses these for cooking. They sometimes grow in the forest.
3.When there is more than one, it has an extra letter: E
5.These have almost no nutrition (proteins, vitamins, etc.) but they are tasty!
8.These are yellow and sour and they are NOT a vegetable.
11.A hamburger is made out of this.
13.Cereal that Americans eat with milk.
15.These are sweet. Americans usually have them before dinner or just after.
2.A romantic guy brought this to his girl friend's house with chocolate fudge and champaign on Valentine's Day.
4.A fish with eight legs.
6.Macaroni is one type of this.
7.Swordfish, shrimp, and lobster are types of ________________.
9.A tomato's cousin.
10.This vegetable is uncountable. At is small and white, and used in many cooking styles.
12.You can make wine from these.
14.These usually are in a package of a dozen.

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