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1.SID for AP abdomen _____"
3.how many vertebrae are in the thoracic spine
5.SID for upright lateral sternum
7.grid frequency is the _______ of lead strips per inch
9.PA Axial (Haas) CR is angled ___ degrees 1 1?2" below EOP
11.how many vertebrae are in the lumbar region?
12.the upper margin of the film should be placed 1.5-2" above the spinous process of C__ for the PA oblique upper anterior ribs.
13.For the waters view: MML is perpendicular to the film & OML forms at ___ degree angle to the film.
15.AP axial (Towne) view of the skull uses what film size
17.CR for Lateral C-spine enters the neck at a point in line w/mastoid process __" inferior to the angle of the mandible
19.to examin facial bones using the Caldwell method, what change must you make from the cranial shot?
22.CR enters __" above the EAM for the lateral skull.
23.at birth, the sacrum is how many separate bones?
24.the xiphoid process is parallel to T___
25.How many pairs of true ribs you got?
26.grid used for head units & chest radiography
1.using the 15% rule to increase kVp & decrease mAs results in dose reduction by __%
2.film size for the AP/AP oblique posterior ribs
3.film size used for SMV
4.the atlas is C______
6.1 Sv= _______ rem
8.CR for the PA oblique C-Spine enters thru the body of C4 at ___ degrees caudad
10.CR for PA axial Caldwell is angled ___ degrees caudad thru nasion.
14.thoracic zygapophyseal joints are aligned at ___ degrees to the sagittal plane
15.How many pairs of ribs you got?
16.CR for AP Towne enters the skull 2.5-____" above the glabella
18.CR for the AP axial coccyx is angled __ degrees caudad entering between symphysis pubis & ASIS
20.the sternal angle is about __" superior to the midthoracic landmark
21.on average, the coccyx has how many bones?
23.about __% of the population has this massive, stocky build-hypersthenic
27.maximum exposure time that should be used for chest radiography: ___ second

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