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Madison Meitler

  3 4
5               6    
7   8     9  
  10 11                
13             14  
16       17

5.I hope to make more _________ with you (:
6.We only have to wait about ____ years ^~^ until we may be able to meet.
7.I hope we _____
11.I'll make you _______ all the time (;
12.My attempt twerk music hahaha
13.I'm not going to take you for _______
15.We made this up when it took me forever to do that position that one night x)
16.You call me this all the time :P
1.My birthday is April ___th
2.I showed you The ____ in my moms living room hahah
3.Your favorite movie is ________ , with Natalie Portman
4.I will try and start thinking ________ in bumpy spots in our relationship
8.I have never been ________. I told you this when I first met you (;
9.I love _______ with you (:
10.You love it when I call you _______
14."Ya _______!"
17.I luvvvv ____ no matter what happens

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