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NC Final Exam Review 2

Mr. Kane

1                           2 3
5 6                          
  7 8   9                     10
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  29                                                   30
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  36                                         37

1.The lasting constitutional principle established in the Supreme Court has the authority to decide a law’s constitutionality
4.a lawmaking body with a single house of elected representatives is called a ______ legislature.
6.The executive, legislative, and judiciary are the _______ of the U.S. Government
9.The War of 1812 happened under this President
11.This nearly doubled the size of the United States in 1803
12.An agreement that Spain would give up some territorial claims in the US, open the Mississippi River to American shipping, and allow traders to use New Orleans
13.This group believed in having a larger central/federal government.
14.this stated that States could nullify acts of Congress.
15.The ____ is an example of the fact that Native Americans continually lost land to white American settlers because they could not match US military strength
16.The XYZ affair and Alien and Sedition Acts happened under this president.
17.This group believed in not only a bill of rights but having a larger state government than federal government.
19.The delegates at this met to revise the Articles of Confederation.
20.When citizens rule through their elected representatives is a government refereed to as?
21.Territory was returned to its pre-war claimants, and impressment of sailors and the British blockade continued is what happened in signing of this
24.“Based on the ‘necessary and proper’ clause of the Constitution, it should be understood that the federal government has some discretion and flexibility in how it sees fit to carry out its responsibility to govern.” Would have been supported by this Federalist
26.This group of people would have supported declaring war on Great Britain over the issue of impressment.
28.a law establishing a plan for surveying western lands was called the?
29.Making treaties, declare war, and borrowing money were the only powers granted to Congress under this.
31.A group of measures that restricted the rights of foreigners and established penalties for criticizing government officials
32.In what way does the legislative branch check the power of the judicial branch?
34.This was added to the Constitution by Anti-Federalists as a way to protect personal liberties
35.This was faught almost 2 weeks after the War of 1812 was over. However, it resulted in a American Victory.
36.This established a bank of the United States, set up a system of collecting taxes, established tariffs, and set up one currency for America.
38.Washington laid out his plan for the US, where he advocated against certain things in his...?
39.This expidition was to map and explore the territory of the Louisiana Purchase
40.The Trade Embargo with Europe and the Louisiana Purchase happened under this president.
2.This law established procedures for western lands to become territories and, eventually, states.
3.This person also serves as the President of the Senate.
5.Overriding a presidential veto requires ______ vote by both the house and senate.
7.This is the number of states needed to ratify an amendment or even the Constitution.
8.This legislation established the federal court system and defined the responsibilities of the Supreme Court?
10.In reaction to the war between France and Great Britain in 1793, President Washington issued a declaration of
18.This caused Washington's proclamation of neutrality, Jays Treaty, and the XYZ affair to happen.
22.This resulted in more representation in Congress for southern states. (think what could give the south more votes...)
23.The proposal that called for a two-house legislature with one house having equal representation for each state and the other having representation based on population was the
25.The main goal of this was to encourage support for ratification of the Constitution
27.Which topic did the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, the Hartford Convention, and the Webster-Hayne debate over tariffs have in common was that it was an advocate of this.
30.An agreement between the US and Britain under which the British would evacuate their posts in the Northwest Territory, but would continue to seize American ships in certain waters.
33.Congress is forbidden to establish a _______ and a language.
37.A stopping of trade with certain nations is also called a?

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