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Final Exam Review: Vocabulary

Ms. Gould

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1._______________ water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
3.The media is ________________(ing) president Obama for his universal health care plan.
5.Each year a group of _________________ musicians are inducted into the hall of fame
7.The _________________ windows of the limousine prevented us from seeing which celebrity was inside.
9.Without the presence of the referees and cops the crowd erupted in ________________.
10.Be careful that you don't brag so much that people being to call you ______________.
12.The police had to _________________ the riots with tear gas.
17.The first 75 degree day in the spring serves as an __________________ moment of what is to come.
18.The man was charged with ________________ after he stole the Stanley Cup trophy.
19.It's going to be hard to contain my _________________ joy when my last exam is done for the year.
20.After being kept awake all night by my neighbor's baby, I ________________(d) through the day.
24.In order for the policeman to catch up with the robber, he had to __________________ my car and chase after him.
27.The car crash turned into an ugly __________________ when neither driver would take the blame.
28.All of my childhood experiences of growing up in the Amish community gave me __________________ for my memoir.
29.After the principal announced that the school day would begin earlier, there was noticeable ____________________ from the students.
31.Because he was caught off guard with the question, the mayor began to ___________________ on about a completely different issue.
34.Unfortunately, I found out that all my photos were _______________(d) in the fire.
36.Even though I was angry on the inside, I tried to maintain a ________________ of cool.
37.Don't be ______________(ed) by the number of pages, the book is so good it will be done before you know it.
39.Tabloids make _________________ claims about the state of celebrities relationships.
41.If you __________________ at the opposing team, you can get kicked out of the game.
43.The ________________ hikers were ready to take on the 10,000 ft. mountain
45.Before merging into fast moving traffic, it's important to be _________________ and check for cars multiple times.
46.We only had to wait in our car for half an hour while the _______________ thunder storm passed.
47.Because of the thunderstorms, the Red Sox had to ________________ the game until tomorrow.
48.Before you become an ____________________ to the candidate, make sure you fully understand their beliefs.
2.The teacher _______________(ed) the students for throwing the markers around the room.
4.With the threat of a hurricane, there was a mass _________________ from the town.
6.The students found the new cell phone policy _______________ so decided not to follow it.
8.I felt ______________(ed) by the salesperson who said that if I bought this TV I would receive a free Blueray player, when I would only be entered into a drawing for one.
11.It is hard not to _________________ to the temptation of chocolate cake.
13.Western movies are centered around a showdown between the police and ______________(s).
14.The gossip _____________________(d) quickly through the school.
15.With a final score of 15-0, the Red Sox __________________(d) the Yankees.
16.It wasn't until he was 15 that Charlie realized he had a ______________ talent for playing the piano.
21.Teachers do not __________________ cheating in order to get ahead.
22.I used duct tape to __________________ a wallet for myself.
23.My 3rd concussion forced me to _________________ my role as captain on the soccer team.
25.The rift in their friendship is a result of Katie stealing her best friend's boyfriend.
26.After 15 detentions, the student was deemed ______________________ and the administration tried to figure out another way to keep him in check.
30.Some countries, unfortunately, are under the power of a __________________ dictator.
32.The solider remained ___________________ even when the enemy closed ranks.
33.I ______________(ed) right and then moved left to get pass the defense.
35.He was approached to join a modeling agency because of his _______________ appearance.
36.Frederick Douglass was born into _____________________ and had to run away in order to attain freedom.
38.Dill ____________________(ed) from his parent's house in order to join Scout & Jem for the summer in Maycomb.
39.Be careful not to ______________ your record with stupid decisions.
40.It took months for my boss to notice the money that I have been ________________(ing) from the cash register.
42.Soon after leaving the beach, the tide ___________________(d) our sand castle.
44.The saying YOLO has become __________________.

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