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Grade 9 Science Final

Martin Bergoffen

Includes Electricity and Astronomy

1 2 3 4
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      9 10              
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  27                 28          

7.Observed Jupiter’s moons, proved that the Sun is the center of the solar system
10.Uncharged atomic particle
13.Element that is only made in a supernova explosion
14.The force acting on unlike charges
15.The days of the year when day and night are the same length of time
17.Middle of the sun, where fusion takes place
19.Transferring charge by touching one conductor to another
20.Negative charge atomic particle
24.Holding a charged insulator near a conductor, causing the opposite charge to be drawn to the insulator
26.Moon of Uranus, from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream
27.Transferring charge by rubbing one object with another
28.Invented the reflecting telescope, studied the forces of nature
29.Substances in which electrons cannot move easily
1.An object near a star that is large enough that gravity pulls it into a sphere
2.Circuit which bypasses most resistance and large, dangerous current flows
3.Element that is the key to life, but also contributes to global warming
4.Keep the rings of Saturn together (2 Words)
5.Closed loop of conductor through which charged particles travel
6.The force acting on like charges
8.Closest planet to the sun, has no moons but many craters
9.When positive and negative charges in an item are equal
11.Largest moon in the solar system, orbits Jupiter
12.Movement of heat in large clumps, like boiling water
16.Removal of excess charge from an object via a conductor
18.The outermost layer of the Sun’s atmosphere, visible during a total solar eclipse
19.Substances in which electrons can move easily
21.Orbits Saturn, has a nitrogen-rich atmosphere and lakes of methane
22.Time of the month when the visible part of the moon is getting larger
23.Positively charged atomic particle
25.When charged particles are not moving

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