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E4E Lessons 1 - 6


Vocabulary and Reading E4E book

1       2 3 4 5           6 7
8               9                      
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      41   42           43       44
        45 46              
47               48 49     50          
            51         52    
    53       54        
56               57          

1.press or flatten with a force
5.receive something as earned by one's actions
8.something that prevents actionor stops progress
9.less diluted; brought together
10.force of one thing on another
14.not enough, not good enough
17.condition of being open to the action or influence of something
18.in comparison with something else
19.substance that allows electricity
21.be placed or located at rest in horizontal position
22.likely to act in a particular way
23.form a circle around, be on all sides
24.organize by dividing into groups or types
25.at the end of a period of time
28.feeling that everything is turning around and around
29.make a hole in something with a pointed object
32.forceful release of energy, usually with a loud noise
34.stand or come in front of an obstacle
36.make known one's feelings of anger, pain, illness
39.very forceful or energetic
40.very small forms of life, harmful to health
41.indication of an illness or a problem
43.give an impression
45.run into someone or something forcefully
47.loss of the ability to move part of the body
50.become noticeable; seem
51.injure the skin without breaking it
54.collide with something resulting in damage
55.process or business of getting minerals
56.begin to burn
57.one following the other
58.check that something is correct
2.delay doing or saying something
3.keep out
4.group of people working together in one place
6.powerful movement of the ground
7.operating without direct control by a person
11.faulty, not working correctly
12.putting a liquid into the body with a syringe
13.test done in order to learn something
15.extremely tired, lacking energy
16.slowly, little by little
19.condition in which a person can't think clearly or lacks understanding
20.colored liquid put on a surface with a brush to protect it
26.come closer or nearer
27.arrangement of parts or details of something
30.sudden uncontrolled release of high-pressure gas or liquid
31.related to the house or family
33.or else
35.small part of the subject, or thing
37.make an effort to do something, try
38.more than half, but less than all
42.slightly wet
44.break open suddenly and forcefully
46.a conclusion or judgment based on unproven information
47.something that deserves attention and should be done
48.continue to live
49.part in people and animals that performs particular action
52.explanation for failure to do or not to do something
53.salty fluid coming out of skin

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