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NC Final Exam Review 3

Mr. Kane

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2.Which reformer is associated with prison issues... changing them for mental help.
4.This referred to the South and the fact that its economy depended chiefly on the production of cotton
5.He was the vice-president from South Carolina whose famous toast included the phrase, "The Union, next to our liberty, the most dear."
6.Completed in 1825, the_____ connected the Atlantic Ocean with the Great Lakes
16.This Supreme Court case decided that the federal government had authority over interstate commerce.
18.The dispute with Great Britain over land having to do with the Oregon Territory is called?
23.In 1835, the ___ erupts, pitting Texans eager for independence from Mexico against the government of Mexico.
26.In the United States prior to 1820, which was the primary conflict between white settlers and American Indians?
27.This movement recognized the destructive effects of drunkenness on family life.
28.This was the leading group for temperance during the reform movement.
31.centered on the belief that a person's salvation depended on his or her own efforts
33.Henry Clay proposed this, which was to to improve methods of transportation, unite the nation and create a national currency
34.Which philosophical movement was Ralph Waldo Emerson a leader?
35.One result of this was the launching of the abolitionist movement.
36.This stressed that politics and campaigns should be focused on the power and connecting with the average citizen.
38.This was devised to maintain the balance of slave states and free states.
39.In 1832, Andrew Jackson withdrew federal funds from the Bank of The United States and deposited them
1.This stated that all land granted to America after the end of the Mexican American War was off limits to slavery.
3.This person created the first successful steamboat.
7.this supreme court case strengthened the federal government's control over the economy, and stated that the Federal Government can tax states, but states cannot tax the government
8.Andrew Jackson refused to enforce the decision regarding Cherokee Indians made in this Supreme Court Case
9.Ladies like Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton created the Declaration of Sentiments at this... championing for women's rights.
10.With which of the following were the people known as "forty-niners" associated?
11.the cotton gin and interchangeable parts were created by this person?
12.Elected president in 1836, he inherited the problems created by Jackson's economic policies.
13.This was the policy that told Europe to stay out of the western hemisphere and not to try to start any new colonies in Latin America
14.This political party wanted a strong national government to run the economy and favored the American System (after the federalist party disband.)
15.What term refers to the 19th-century belief that married women's activities should be limited to housework and family?
17.This set the boundary of Mexico and the US at the Rio Grande River.
19.From 1821 to 1824, ___ leads the first of several groups of American settlers to a fertile area between the Brazos and Colorado rivers, where "no drunkard, no gambler, no swearer, and no idler" would be allowed (what is today Texas)
20.This championed states' rights and questioned the legality of applying some federal laws in the states.
21.Which group was forcibly relocated by means of the "Trail of Tears"?
22._______ was responsible for the United States acquiring Florida?
24.The final borders of the lower 48 states were established in the
25.Which development led to a sharp rise in the number of slaves imported to the southern United States?
29.Which topic did the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, the Hartford Convention, and the Webster-Hayne debate over tariffs have in common?
30.The name of a man killed by an anti-Mormon mob in 1844 is (also the founder)
32.Which territory was declared independent when a group of Americans led by John C. Fremont seized the town of Sonoma and raised a flag that featured a grizzly bear?
37.In 1838, Sam Houston asks the United States to ___ the Republic of Texas into the United States (or to take into their land)

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