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The Daily Verona

Tina Nguyen

People of Verona

1 2 3
4   5             6              
12                   13
14           15  
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4.Servant to Romeo
6.Romeo's friend who changes mood very quickly and is related to the prince
7.The head of the Montague family
8.The daughter of lord and lady Capulet
9.The prince of Verona
10.The wife of lord Montague and mother of Romeo
12.The head of the Capulet family and father of Juliet
14.Servant of Capulet (name starts with S)
17.A kinsman of the prince, and suitor of Juliet
18.Servant of Capulet (name starts with G)
19.The women Romeo likes in the beginning of the story
1.Servant of Montague
2.Preforms the marriage ceremony
3.Son of the lord and lady Montague and Juliet's lover
5.The wife of lord Capulet and mother of Juliet
11.The man who was to deliver the letter of Juliet's death, and never got the letter to Romeo
13.Juliet's hot-headed cousin
15.Caretaker of Juliet
16.Servant to Juliet's nurse

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