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Perms and Relaxers

Ms. Stacey

Need to know terminology used for Perms and Chemical Relaxers in a professional salon setting.

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2.An acid with a low pH
4.Middle layer of hair
6.Measures the acidity or alkalinity of substances
9.Hair Is wrapped 45 degrees beyond perpendicular to its base (2 Words)
10.Referring to the position of the rod in relation to its base
13.The most common reducing agent. The strength of a perm is determined by the concentration of this
15.Perming only one area of the head, usually the crown area
17.An alkalizing agent that when added to perm wave lotion produces a new chemical called ATG (2 Words)
18.Excess water left in the hair reduces the effectiveness of the neutralizer so you always need to do this before applying the neutralizer
21.A weak curl, completely straight or curlier at the scalp and straighter at the ends (2 Words)
23.Stops the action of the wave solution and rebuilds the hair into it is new curlier form
24.The ability of the hair to absorb moisture
27.A weak side bond easily broken by heat or water
28.Hair is wrapped at an angle like a candy cane
29.Fiber protein that is the principle component of hair.
30.The process of tragic tensing the hair using product that breaks down the disulfide bonds and reforms the hair I to a straighter shape.
1.Tell the client to wait this long before shampooing or conditioning the hair after the perm
3.Amount of movement or curl in hair
5.Creates a chemical reaction that heats up the solution and speeds up the processing
7.rapping the hair at a 90 degree angle or straight out from the center of the section (2 Words)
8.When too few disulfide bonds are broken, the hair will not be sufficiently softened and will not hold the desired curl. Processing it longer will make it curlier (2 Words)
11.Acid is not strong enough to penetrate the hair to the cortex so this substance is added to the lotion to make a new chemical strong enough to penetrate yet still considered acidic lotion
12.Side bonds that form when the sulfer atom in 2 adjacent protein chains are joined and can only be broken by chemicals, not heat or water.
14.Perm activated by an outside heat source, such as a dome dryer
16.Outer most layer of hair
19.Using the back of your comb after you have applied the relaxer product, you do this to straighten each hair sub section
20.Alway se xamine this before a perm service
22.What may happen if you overlap into the previously relaxed hair when performing a re-touch application
25.Bond or end bond, a chemical bond that joins amino acids together end to end to form a polypeptide chain.
26.The name of the perm that you use the 9 section parting

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