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Env. Science Final Exam review


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7.The amount of precipitaion - the amount of evaporation of an area
9.Volcano that is broad base, gradual slope, hot spot chain, layers of lava.
10.The amount of light we receive is called__________.
13.Any storm that has been spotted
14.The galaxy we live in
17.The _______ of ocean water is determined by temperature and density.
18.Less dense, thicker, and older crust
24.Any area which has the potential for severe weather
25.Denser, thinner, and younger crust
27.The opposite of the Big Bang Theory where everything is moving closer together.
28.Volcano that has steep slopes, with pyroclastic material.
29.The ability of water to soak into the ground
30.Diagram used to explain the temperature and brightness of a star
31.Area of both Volcanic and Earthquake activity
32.Plates are colliding
34.Large Volcanic mountain, that is quiet and explossive.
35.Plates are sliding past each other
36.What color is hottest star on and H-R diagram?
1.Body wave, secondary wave, 2nd fastest, only through soilds
2.The amount of light a star gives of is called__________.
3.Heat that is transferred within the atmosphere through___________.
4.Any form of water falling to Earth
5.large amounts of CO2 that settle in the ocean is called?
6.H-H= He with a release of engery is called_________.
8.This is the evidence that the universe is expanding.
11.Body wave, primary wave, 1st or fastest
12.A theory that states the universe is about 13-15 billion years old
15.Middle range of the H-R diagram are sun is in this range
16.What is the crack in the ocean floor which magma rises?
19.The distance to a nearby star is measured using__________.
20.How has CO2 levels changed over the last 150 years?
21.Location directly above focus of Earthquake found on surface
22.Movement of the ground caused by a sudden release of energy
23.Large source of the amount of C02 in the atmosphere
26.Plates moving away from each other
28.Heat energy is transferred between the ocean and the atmospher by______.
33.A star begins as a large cloud of gas and dust called__________.

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