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1 2 3
5 6                      
      11   12              
        13 14      

4.When the body receives enough calories but only relies on 2 to 3 foods
6.When the body does not receive enough calories to maintain itself
7.the lack of basic resources creates barriers the prevent people from obtaining those resources
9.Is a type of violence designed to achieve the attackers; goals not by overwhelming force, but by causing fear in the opponent
12.is any human action that causes harm to the dignity of another person
16.an international poverty- fighting organization founded by U.S. Catholic bishops in 1943
17.is the harmony that results when people resolve conflicts by working in love for the good of all
19.Is a document written by the pope, and passed around all of the world's bishops
20.we allow the spirit of the Eucharist to guide the choices we make in our everyday life
21.people whose poverty prevents them from living in true homes
22.The attempt to but happiness by buying what we do not really need
23.The competition between rivals to have the biggest and best military force
1.the reliance on military powers to resolve conflict and provide security
2.the concept that all the resources of the earth are intended for all people
3.As one act of violence leads to another, it grows in intensity
5.The spread of nuclear weapons
7.emphasize the right to refuse to fight-- not due to cowardice, but for reasons of conscience
8.the experience of not having the basic things one needs to live a full and dignified life
10.never having enough food to give the body the nutrients needed to grow and maintain itself properly
11.when it is necessary, limited violence may be used to protect the innocent--but it can only be justified when other peaceful options have been exhausted
13.Transforming the structures of society so that all people, rich and poor, are able to fulfill their human potential and live dignified lives
14.prevents us from developing our full potential as images of God
15.The difference between the wealthiest and poorest people
17.the use of violence to resolve a conflict
18.the way societies produce, manage, and distribute material wealth

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