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Mr. Reavis

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6                             7 8    
  9 10   11                 12  
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1.major earthquake and volcanic zone that almost forms a circle around the Pacific Ocean (3 Words)
4.downward fold
6.mountain formed by the folding of rock layers (2 Words)
7.volcano opening from which lava flows
11.instrument that detects and measures earthquakes
13.point beneath Earth's surface where an earthquake starts
14.magma that reaches Earth's surface
15.fastest earthquake wave (2 Words)
18.large ocean wave cause by an earthquake
21.large hole that forms when the roof of a magma dome collapses
22.second earthquake wave to be recorded at a seismograph station (2 Words)
23.volcanic cone made up of rock particles, dust, and ash (2 Words)
25.movement of magma inside Earth
26.break in Earth's crust along which movement occurs
27.upward fold
2.mountain fromed when normal faults uplift a block of rock (3 Words)
3.place on Earth's surface directly above the focus
4.earthquake wave (2 Words)
5.volcanic cone made up of alternating layers of lava and rock particles (2 Words)
8.sudden, strong movement of Earth's crust
9.scale that measures the energy released by an earthquake (2 Words)
10.physical feature on Earth's solid surface
12.large, flat area at high elevation
16.volcanic cone made up of layers of hardened lava (2 Words)
17.large, flat area just above sea level
19.break in a rock
20.vent and volcanic material around it
24.pit at the top of a volcanic cone

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