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Cold War

Roberto Nikollaj

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1.Ideology of stuggle, a battle, the popular phrase of the 1950's
4.containment to stop soviet expansion
6.barrier seperating soviet bloc from west
7.kept quotas in place and authorized deportation of people identified as communists
11.western countries
13.gathers intelligence and conducts secret millitary operations abroad
14.seperated east and west berlin
15.breakwawy from democratic party in 1948
2.created cia and national security council
3.made in 1949 and ended american monopoly on the weapon
5.ideology drivin states that sought to subdue all of civil society
8.plan to rebuild europe
9.nations closely allied with soviet union
10.pledged mutual europian defense against future soviet attacks
12.manifestio that described cold war as a struggle between idea of freedom and idea of slavery

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