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a bountiful bonanza of bodacious bears

1         2 3
  4   5 6 7
8     9                    
  10   11                        
        13                 14              
          15     16    
        17                   18                      
19                     20                        
    21 22              
      23   24                       25
  28           29      
30     31                       32     33    
35                           36   37                      
  38   39                                    
      42       43   44            
47         48                            
49                                   50
    55 56                    
57                 58            

1.villian in disney's brave
9.frodo baggins in lord of the rings
11.davy crockett's pet bear
13.he is marter than the average bear
14.disney's biggest and gruffest of the country bears
17.2nd ammendment privilige
18.jack nichals to some
19.former alabama coach
20.pooridge too hot
22.werebear in the hobbit
24.bank that went down
26.aa milne's silly old bear
27.killed him a bear when he was only 3
28.if something is tough it is this
31.made a hit with "the last song" in the 70s
32.country often depicted as a bear
35.mountain man who had a show based on his life and times
37.home of the country bear jamboree at disney
39.where disney's bear lives
44.annoys donald duck in disney tunes
45.star of the movie country bears
46.college in cali that uses a bear for a mascot
48.disney c/w band made up of five musical bruins
49.disney attraction and later a movie
53.tolkien's bear who helps santa
54.yogi's wanna be girlfriend
56.spanish name for atlanta braves catcher
57.pooridge too cold
58.muppet bear
2.great bear constelation
3.goldilocks broke into their house
4.named for teddy roosevelt, popular stuffed animal
5.easy going bear who had a tv show for a while
6.talking childs toy bear
7.female crooner at disneys country bears show
8.chases brer rabit in the uncle remus tales
10.beantowns bodacious ice bears
12.pooridge just right
15.the kung fu panda
16.when stocks fall
21.wrigley's loveable losers
23.family of bears
24.mythical monster in western lake
25.black and white chinese bear
29.TN NBA team
30.cant get enought of super sugar crisp
33.mega man villian
34.crooner in country bears attraction known for his big lips
36.bear necessities bear
38.yogi's little buddy
40.little bear constellation
41.mike ditka's former team
42.beloved kids tv show
43.something you cant take
47.polar bears represent this company at christmas
50.try harder
51.the kung fu panda himself
52.kazooies buddy in video game
55.wise cracking bear in the movie of the same name

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