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Bad Women Of The Bible


This crossword Puzzle contains the names of bad women of the Bible. I got the information out of my King James Bible. It has a chart that contains a list of bad women of the bible, what they did and where you can find them in the Bible. This information is provided in the crossword puzzle questions and answers.

5             6

4.Askk for the head of John the Baptist -Matthew -14: 3-11
5.Mocked Hannah for not haveing a son-1Samuel :1:2-7
8.Deposed as queen mother by Asa because she made an idol in a grove -1 kings 15: 2-13
1.Haman's wife encouraged Haman to have mordecai hanged- Ester: 5: 14
2.A midanite woman who seducced the men Of Isracl -Numbers 25:14,15
3.King Ahab's wife Introdunce Ahab to Baal kill God's Prophets -1Kings 18 13,19 1kings 21:5-25
6.Hated John The Baptist Persuaded daughter to ask for John's Head -Matthew 143:6 Mark 6:17-28 Luke 3:19
7.Discovered secret secret of Secret of Samson's strength delivered him to philistines: Judges 161:22

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