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Parts of a Motherboard Puzzle

Ehson Ameer

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1.The function of this card is to provide a physical connection between a PC and a network
3.This holds the most important data for your machine(Basic Input Output System)
6.The main circuit board in a computer
9.Centeral Processing Unit
10.Also called the input/output controller or expansion controller
11.A set of electronic components in an integrated circuit that manages the data flow between the processor
12.This card works as an audio processor for a computer
13.A connection that only uses one wire to carry information
14.Peripheral Component Interconnect
18.Keeps the system cool
19.Universal Serial Bus
20.Also called the memory controller
21.A connection that uses more than one wire to carry information
22.Allows computers to produce graphics and images more quickly
25.Wire free internet
26.A piece of electronic equipment inside a computer that makes it work
2.This stores the BIOS settings and the date and time
4.This is where all data is stored
5.A metal bridge that closes an electrical circuit
7.The clock synchronizes the operation of all parts of the PC and provides the basic timing signal for the CPU
8.Standard interface for connecting a motherboard to storage devices
10.The standard hardware interface for connecting hard disks and CD/DVD drives to the computer
15.These are used to connect power to things such as the hard drive
16.Used to connect old keyboards and mice
17.A piece of computer equipment used for connecting one part of a computer system to another part,
23.A set of wires that send information from one part of a computer system to another
24.What are memory slots used for?

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