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Module 1 - Weird Science Vocabulary

This puzzle is designed to help you become familiar with the definitions used within the module. These puzzles are not exhaustive, but are there to help you become acquainted with the terms. The more you use the terms, the more likely you are to remember them!

4   5  

3.The study of the psychological effects of brain damage in human patients
6.Morgan's-______; the rule that the simplest interpretation for a behavioural observation should be given precedence.
7.The type of research that is intended to bring about some direct benefit to humankind
9.A term that refers to higher intellectual processes such as thought, memory and attention
10.A type of experimental design that is not truly 'experimental' because potential confounding variables have not been controlled.
11.The study of the relation between physiological activity and psychological processes in human subjects.
1.The division of biopsychology that studies the effects of of drugs on the brain and behaviour
2.Prefrontal ___________; a surgical procedure in which the connections between the prefrontal loves and the rest of the brain are cut.
4.The type of research that studies animal behaviour in its natural environment.
5.The variable in experimental studies that is arranged or manipulated by the researcher
8.__________-subjects design in which a group of subjects is tested under each condition

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