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Module 2 - Genes and Dreams Vocabulary

This puzzle is designed to help you become familiar with the definitions used within the module. These puzzles are not exhaustive, but are there to help you become acquainted with the terms. The more you use the terms, the more likely you are to remember them!

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8     9  

2.Molecules of RNA that carry amino acids to ribosomes during protein synthesis
5.A neurological disorder characterized by high levels of phenylpyruvic acid in urine
6.Energy-generating structures located in the cytoplasm of every cell
10.Threadlike structures in the cell nucleus that contain the genes
12.____________ estimate; a numerical estimate of the proportion of variability that occurred in a particular trait as a result of genetic variation
13.________ trait, the trait of a dichotomous pair that is not expressed in the phenotype of heterozygous individuals
14.Lon chains of amino acids
1.Incidental nonadaptive evolutionary by-products
3.The idea that heritable trays that are associated with high rates of survival and reproduction are preferentially passed on to future generations.
4.Proteins around which DNA is coiled
7.An organism's observable traits
8.__________ evolution, the evolution in unrelated species of similar solutions to the same environmental demands
9.DNA _______ is the reaction that occurs when a methyl group attaches to a DNA molecule
10.A group of three consecutive nucleotide bases along the messenger RNA
11.Guanine binds with _________

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