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Module 3 - Gray Anatomy Vocabulary

This puzzle is designed to help you become familiar with the definitions used within the module. These puzzles are not exhaustive, but are there to help you become acquainted with the terms. The more you use the terms, the more likely you are to remember them!

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3.The type of stain discovered by Camillo Golgi
6.A fatty insulating substance
7.The long narrow process that projects from the cell body of a neuron
10.The largest division of the human brain
11.Meaning towards the surface of the back or top of the head
12.A structure within the Limbic System (means 'almond')
14.Ridges between fissures and sulci
15.The brain structure that plays an important role in the regulation of several motivated behaviours (eating, sleep and sex)
1.Brain structure heavily involved in memory (i.e. spatial location)
2.Glial cells that wrap around the axons of some neurons
4.The three protective membranes that surround the brain
5.Collectively, a group of structures involved in the performance of voluntary motor movement
8.The love of the cortex heavily involved with the processing of visual information
9.Another name for the myelencephalon
13.Another name for the cell body

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