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Module 4 - Communication Breakdown

This puzzle is designed to help you become familiar with the definitions used within the module. These puzzles are not exhaustive, but are there to help you become acquainted with the terms. The more you use the terms, the more likely you are to remember them!

1 2 3   4
7 8                      
9   10    

2.An inhibitory neurotransmitter
5.An acetylcholine antagonist that blocks release of acetylcholine from the neuromuscular junction
8.Receptor type located on the presynaptic, rather than the postsynaptic membrane
11.The process of neurotransmitter release
12._______ refractory period; a brief period after an action potential during which it is impossible to elicit a second one
13.Mechanisms in the membrane of a cell that actively transport ions or molecules across the membrane
15.After a neurotransmitter is released it is drawn back into the presynaptic button by this process
16.Positively and negatively charged particles
17.______-activated ion channels are channels that open or close in response to changes in the level of the membrane potential
1.One of the ion types involved in the action potential
3.The abbreviation for acetylcholine
4.A massive but momentary reversal of the membrane potential
6.____ receptors are associated with G proteins
7.Make more positive
9.The neurotransmitter norepinephrine is synthesized from this other neurotransmitter
10.A molecule that binds to another e.g. a neurotransmitter is this of its receptor
11.Excitatory postsynaptic potential
14.________ summation; postsynaptic potentials produced in rapid succession at the same synapse sum to form a greater signal

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