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Module 5 - The Way We Do the Things We Do

This puzzle is designed to help you become familiar with the definitions used within the module. These puzzles are not exhaustive, but are there to help you become acquainted with the terms. The more you use the terms, the more likely you are to remember them!

5   6   7  

3._____ lesions are methods for temporarily eliminating activity in a particular area of interest in the brain
4.Species-___ behaviours are those displayed by virtually all members of a species,
5.____signal; is the signal recorded by fMRI
9.Diffusion tensor imaging is a method of identifying those pathways alone which ____ molecules rapidly diffuse.
10.This is injected into the patient's carotid artery during a PET scan
12.The Morris Water Maze is used to test this type of ability in rats
13.Gene _____ techniques are procedures for creating organisms that lack a particular gene under investigation
14.This is a type of test designed to test short-term memory in humans
15.A procedure for locating particular neuroproteins in the brain by exposing brain tissue to labelled antibodies
1.A technique used to study brain activity using electrode arrays placed on a subjects scalp
2.Computed tomography is a computer assisted ____ procedure that can be used to visualize the living brain
6.The sodium amytal test is used to determine language ______
7.___conditioning paradigm in which an unconditioned stimulus is paired with a conditioned stimulus
8.Electromyography is used to study ________ tension
11.A neuropsychological assessment used to test intelligence in humans

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