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Tour crossword

Solving each cryptic clue will give you the name of a member of the touring party.

1 2               3
  5 6       7                
    8 9       10     11 12  
    14       15         16          
17   18                
20             21            
      25     26  
28     29  
30     31               32  
  33           34          
35   36         37   38     39        
40   41     42           43           44
45           46         47  
    48             49            

2.Sends will to be amended.
5.He might need to be handled with care.
7.A letter exchanged in Manchester suburb.
9.Mesh gets twisted around.
13.Little rascal on board ship, working.
14.Zak's back inside - bribe a policeman.
16.Change direction next to hospital department in Chicago.
17.He’s immersed in vocab basics.
19.Sounds like a dishonest character. Swine.
20.Small fruit given second-highest rating.
21.Some lesbian chiropractor’s star player.
22.Farmer’s produce judged to be just outside the top three, we hear.
24.Sounds like a policeman, a heavyweight, outside pub.
25.Final letter, from a long way away.
31.Rapper followed by Breaking Bad's Mr White.
33.Fish flipped over with last of chips added.
34.It sounds like he might measure up.
35.Is he really a super-hero?
37.He's part of Wakestock management.
41.Ed, lying deviously.
43.Time for a swift getaway, by the sound of things.
45.Discovered hiding in the Taj one summer.
46.Give him a ring.
48.He sounds like a dish.
49.You’ll probably find him in a Nando’s.
50.He’s found confused in Dahab.
51.A sucker, we are told.
52.Possibly lacking in experience.
1.He's disorganised, sirrah.
3.One fish following another.
4.Take a close look inside that cobweb, Bert.
6.He's in modified US pool.
8.Prepare to fire pistol next to forest.
10.A big vehicle which goes in a backwards direction.
11.Moms zit burst when trapped by flippers.
12.Solo male bird.
15.Likely to be useful in the lineout – he took a giant leap for mankind.
18.Good, but not the very best, and the smallest in the group.
23.Peru's capital reconstructed, with hospital unit outside.
26.Found heading in the wrong direction aboard bespoke yacht.
27.Nazi troops discovered within Native American tribe? Yes.
28.On the radio, he could be mistaken for New Zealand's Number 8.
29.He’s poorly, we hear, after eating starter in restaurant.
30.Often spotted accompanying Minor.
32.He sounds like a bit of a dog.
36.Brew a French beer.
38.Gone missing first, then feeling sick.
39.He's transported in tram.
40.He will hold your coat.
42.He's redesigned ugly oar.
44.A genuine guy, we're told.
47.Within tribe, a leader.

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