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Unit 2 #2

Dr. Reimer

____/26 = A B C D F

1 2
3 4                   5        
    10 11 12
  13                   14                
17                           18   19  
25                 26            

4.--literally “earth centered” ; a system of planetary motion that places Earth at the center of the Universe, with the Sun, Moon, and other planets revolving around it
5.“sacred place,” the private domain of an Ottoman sultan, where he and his wives resided
6.a painting done on fresh wet plaster with water based paints
7.an empire formed by outside conquerors who unified the regions that they conquered through their mastery of firearms (2 Words)
8.the doctrine that scientists should proceed from the particular to the general by making systematic observations and carefully organized experiments to test the hypothesis or theories, a process that will lead to correct general principles (2 Words)
9.part of a continent, as distinguished from peninsulas or offshore islands (2 Words)
13.a rapid increase in prices
14.a soldier in the elite guard of the Ottoman Turks
15.a system use by the shogunate to control the daimyo in Tokugawa Japan; the family of a daimyo lord was forced to stay at their residence int eh capital whenever the lord was absent from it (2 Words)
17.a form of government in which power is shared between the nationals and state governments (2 Words)
20.an intellectual movement of the Renaissance based on the study of the humanities, which included grammar, rhetoric, poetry, moral philosophy, and history
22.rights with which all humans are supposedly born, including the rights to life, liberty, and property (2 Words)
23.a dissenting group
24.the unique cultural identity of a people based on common language, religion, and national symbols
25.a soldier who sells his services to the highest bidder
26.a person of mixed European and Native American descent
1.literally “sin-centered”; the system of the universe proposed in 1543 by Nicolas Copernicus, who argued that the Earth and the planets revolve around the Sun (2 Words)
2.an artistic movement that emerged in Italy in the 1520’s and 1530’s; it marked the end of the Renaissance by breaking down the principles of balance, harmony, and moderation
3.a set of principles that dominated economic thought in the seventeenth century; it held that the prosperity of a nation depended on a large supply of gold and silver
10.literally “let [people] do [what they want],” the concept that the state should not impose government regulations but should leave the economy alone
11.the journey of slaves from African to the Americas, so called because it was the middle portion of the triangular trade route (2 Words)
12.traditional beliefs, especially in religion
16.the Ottoman’s chief minister, who led the meetings of the imperial council (2 Words)
18.a release from part or all of punishment for sin by the Catholic Church, reducing the time in purgatory after death
19.a person of mixed African and European descent
21.one of the approximately 250 domains into which Japan was divided under the Tokugawa

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