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Food, Inc Vocabulary

Joselyn Klassen

See if you know all the vocabulary that is used in the movie Food,Inc. Food, Inc is about how we don't really know what's in our food anymore or how it's affecting us.

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2.The long molecule in living cells that contain genetic information
4.To put on a list of people to be shunned, banned or rejected
5.A group of bacteria that live inside the intestines of humans, other mammals and birds
7.Genetically Modified Organism- An oraganism whos DNA has been deliberately altered by laboratory methods
11.Spreading negative information about someone or something
15.Creations of the mind such as music, art, writing, inventions, symbols, images, designs or names that have commercial value
16.A document granting the inventor sole rights to an invention and allowing the inventor to stop others from making, using, or selling the invention
1.Livestock raised on a diet of corn, soybeans and other by-products, rather than pasture or grass
3.The ability of bacteria and other microorganisms to survive and multiply in the presence of an antibiotic compund that once killed them
4.To protest by refusing to buy or do business with a particular company or organizaion
6.Ability to be effective without wasting expense, time or effort
8.Food produced without synthetic pesticides, artificial fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics or genetic modification
9.Dairy products produced without the use of bovine growth hormone rBST (recombinant bovine somatotropin)
10.To end a legal dispute by arriving at an agreement or settlement
12.Concerning financial resources (money)
13.A building or stockyard where livestock is fattened for market
14.To file a legal action against someone

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