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Animal Learning and Intelligence

D T Kemp

AQA A Psychology

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5.Linking together shaped learned actions.
7.What both positive and negative reinforcement do to rate of response.
11.In short, how we can 'mind read' others.
12.Partial schedule that requires a set number of responses before reward (2 words).
14.An aversive stimulus that ought to decrease a learner's given response .
15.Creature that Thorndike put in a puzzle box.
16.Drooling species studied by Pavlov.
18.The forerunner to Operant Conditioning.
19.The clever gorilla that could speak sign language.
22.Reinforcers such as food, water, warmth.
23.Everyday secondary reinforcer used in the workplace.
24.Japanese macaques like these best when washed (2words).
26.Learning simply by observation of others.
28.When only one conditioned stimulus triggers a learned reflex response.
29.Best known scientist linked to natural selection.
1.Behaviourist are interested only in the observable, so they ignore the role of...
2.Psychologist who said we are 'biologically prepared' to learn some fears fast.
3.Type of learning seen by Kohler in chimps solving food access puzzles.
4.Word that means an explanation is elegant & concise, not unecessarily complex.
6.Item used in the red spot mirror test.
8.When a learned response dies out.
9.Species that can recognise its reflection.
10.Where Tolman tested his rats for Latent learning.
13.Seeing human characteristics in animals.
14.Bird studied by Skinner.
17.Type of intelligence involving deception.
20.In behaviourism, what is the C in ABC?
21.Conditioning based on reflex associations.
25.Creature that changed from white to black to survive in the industrial revolution.
27.The neutral stimulus that a learner is trained to respond to.

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