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Unit 3 #1

Dr Reimer

____/25 = A B C D f

1 2 3 4 5
9                                     10  
14                           15

7.a person interested in finding new business opportunities and new ways to make profits
9.living in a section of a country set aside for foreigners but not subject to the host country’s laws
11.payment for damages
12.in post revolutionary Latin America , a strong leader who ruled chiefly by military force, usually with the support of the landed elite
14.a movement to end slavery
17.political philosophy based on tradition and social stability, favoring obedience to political authority and organized religion
18.German for “Caesar,” the title of Emperors of the Second German Empire
19.a marketable product
20.the Russian legislative assembly
21.incorporate territory into an existing political unit such as a city or country
22.colonial government in which local rulers are allowed to maintain their positions of authority and status (2 Words)
23.native to a region
1.a form of government in which one person or a small group has absolute power
2.a political philosophy originally based largely on Enlightenment principles, holding that people should be as free as possible from government restraint and that civil liberties—the basic rights of all people should be protected
3.the middle class including merchants, industrialists, and professional people
4.the extension of a nation’s power over other lands
5.an economic system based on industrial production or manufacturing (2 Words)
6.a method of production in which tasks are done by individuals in their rural homes (2 Words)
8.money available for investment
10.the movement for women’s rights
13.political compromise
15.colonial government in which local elites are removed from power and replaced by a new set of officials brought from the mother country (2 Words)
16.the act of setting free
19.a person of European descent born in the Americas and living there permanently

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