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Unit 5 #1

Dr. Reimer

____/21 = A B C D F

1 2 3
4                       5
    15 16  
21               22                

4.the use of biological and chemical weapons in terrorist attacks
7.a limit or reduction of armed forces and weapons
8.the study of the relationships between living things and their environment
9.idea that, if one country falls to communism, neighboring countries will also fall (2 Words)
11.the process of eliminating Stalin’s more ruthless policies
13.an economy in which the production, distribution, and sale of goods take place on a worldwide scale, as in a multinational corporation (2 Words)
14.a phase of relaxed tensions and improved relation between two adversaries
17.the state that exists when a government spends more than it collects in revenues (2 Words)
18.rebels financed by the United States who began a guerilla war against the Sandinista government in Nicaragua
19.a field of study dealing with moral choices in medical research
20."apartness,” the system of racial segregation in South Africa from the 1950’s until 1991
21.the rainfall that results when sulfur produced by factories mixes with moisture in the air (2 Words)
22.a person who speaks out against the regime in power
23.building up armies and stores of weapons to keep up with an enemy (2 Words)
1.in China during the 1950’s, a group of collective farms, each of which contained more than 30,000 people who lived and worked together
2.global warming caused by the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (2 Words)
3.prejudice, usually based on race, religion, class, sex, or age
5.the clearing of forests
6.the use of disease or poison against civilians and soldiers in wartime
10.the manufacture of machines and equipment for factories and mines (2 Words)
12.a farm organization owned and operated for the benefit of the farmers
15.security policy that holds if two sides in a political conflict have huge arsenals of nuclear weapons, war can be prevented
16.a group of nations with a common purpose

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