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Unit 5 #2

Dr. Reimer

____/21 = A B C D F

1 2 3                
  4     5
        12 13      

3.the condition that exists when neither of two opposing sides is able to make significant gains
6.Arab Unity, regardless of national boundaries
7.per person (2 Words)
9.a military force drawn from neutral members of the United Nations to settle conflicts and supervise truces (2 Words)
16.“uprising,” militant movement that arose during the 1980’s among supporters of the Palestine Liberation organization living in Israel
17.the economic policy of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, which limited social welfare and restricted Union power
18.an economic system in which the central government plays an active role in the economy, establishing price and wage policies and subsidizing vital industries (2 Words)
19.a thin layer of gas in the upper atmosphere that shields Earth from the Sun’s ultraviolet rays (2 Words)
20.the unity of all black Africans, regardless of national boundaries (2 Words)
21.an atmosphere of constant revolutionary fervor favored by Mao Zedong to enable China to overcome the past and achieve the final stage of communism (2 Words)
22.a country that is economically and politically dependent on another country (2 Words)
1.a company with divisions in more than two countries (2 Words)
2.held by a foreign power
3.a racial guerilla group in Peru with ties to Communist China (2 Words)
4.a policy prohibiting trade with a particular country (2 Words)
5.a form of realism unique to Latin American literature; it combines realistic events with dreamlike or fantastic backgrounds (2 Words)
8.an artistic movement in the early 1960’s; pop artists took images from popular culture and transformed them into works of fine art (2 Words)
10.a plan to keep something, such as communism, within its existing geographical boundaries and prevent further aggressive moves (3 Words)
11.a state in which the government takes responsibility for providing citizens with services such as health care (2 Words)
12.Mikhail Gorbachev’s plan to reform the Soviet Union by restructuring its economy
13.an artistic movement that emerged in the 1980s; its artists do not expect rationality in the world and are comfortable with many“truths”
14.the actual purchasing power of income (2 Words)
15.the sale of government owned companies to private firms

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