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Costing - terms and revision

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1.all the costs which include; rent, electricity, rates etc.
3.the total amount produced from a standard recipe
5.moving the price up or down to the nearest 10 cents
7.weight measure of 1000 grams
9.the entire amount
11.What is left over after the costs have been taken off
12.costs that can change eg telephone
14.a bill including all prices and amounts
15.working out the sums
19.amount of money made after costs
20.the entire amount - 100%
2.the price that the customer pays
4.money paid to staff
6.the trimmings and off cuts that cannot be used
8.When no profit is made
10.recipe that is used again and again, giving all the required information
13.an individual serve
16.liquid measure of 1000 millilitres
17.money paid to the government
18.costs that stay the same eg. rent

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