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Female Sexual Anatomy

Amanda Wells

Definitions of the parts of the female anatomy.

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2.Wing-shaped/leg-like structures attached to the clitoris.
3.Outer fold of skin running down the vulva.
6.Glands excreting drops of liquid right before orgasm.
7.Released by the pituitary gland during pregnancy/motherhood.
9.Cramping/pain when an egg is released from the ovary.
10.These cause menstural cramps.
11.Only portion of the vagina that having sensation is the lower _____.
13.Inner fold of skin surrounding the vaginal/urethral openings.
1.External sexual structure of the female.
2.Spongy tissue in the clitoral shaft that stiffens from stimulation.
4.Fatty tissue that helps cushion women during intercourse.
5.Hormones that stimulate ovaries to release eggs.
8.Bulbs attached at the top of the clitoris extending downward.
12.Women release approximately ____ hundred eggs in their life time.

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