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SSP Orientation Crossword

1 2
3         4        
  6 7 8      
10         11              
12       13           14 15
16 17                 18  
19         20    
  21   22          
24   25  
27     28          
31 32         33 34

3.Hails from a family line of musicians.
4.Their school doesn't offer physics.
5.Relaxes by working at a local library.
9.Writes science poetry.
10.Loves knitting and gives scarves and caps to the homeless.
11.Finds tranquility and independence when kayaking during summer.
12.From Madrid, but is an international student in Ontario this year.
13.Plays the bansuri.
17.Created a 28-part arrangement of six Justin Bieber songs.
19.Enjoys playing video games and exploring online worlds with friends.
22.Has been living in Tunisia for ten years.
23.Programs fun and physics-related apps for iPhone.
26.Enjoys performing musical theater and a capella.
27.Enjoys color guard.
28.Coordinated TEDxRedmond.
29.A licensed senior reactor operator.
32.Founded a national astronomy youth organization for teenagers.
35.Has been playing soccer more and more competitively.
36.Is a camp counselor at an outdoors camp for sixth graders.
1.Wants to study anthropology and agriculture.
2.Volunteers for the Brooklyn Public Library.
4.Fascinated by history but wants to be a physicist.
5.An Eagle Scout.
6.Was an NCAA athlete.
7.Volunteered for a rescue and adoption organization for dogs.
8.Taught physics to elementary school students.
9.Taught and inspired middle school students via Breakthrough New Haven.
10.Loves diving and is a PADI certified Advanced Open Water Diver.
14.Favorite pastime is rollerblading.
15.Helps out with reforestation and conservation of native plants.
16.Likes experimenting with tunes on the baglama.
18.Has moved 7 times and gone to 6 different schools.
20.Lived in a tropical country and wants to be a neurologist.
21.Captain of their school's League of Legends team.
24.Tinkers with 3D-printable parts for robotics competitions.
25.Made an oil painting of a gravity boat.
30.Works on a green roof monitor project.
31.Wants to build their own Starship Enterprise and Tardis.
33.Enjoys soccer and likes watching Barcelona and Tottenham.
34.Speaks Catalan.

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