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Biology Grade 10

C Fortsch


1             2 3 4
5                   6      
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1.contains the genetic material of an organism
5.has an affinity for water
7.getting rid of metabolic waste
8.fatty acid in blood plasma that can cause clogging of arteries
9.movement of molecules through membrane from high to low concentration
11.random movement of particles from a high concentration to a lower one
13.DNA structure in bacteria that provide genetic instructions for cell activities
15.organelle where photosynthesis takes place
16.if foreign particles are engulfed and broken down by certain animal cells
17.excretory organ that excretes urea
18.organelle in cell that can for example degrade waste products in cells
19.found in plant cells. contains mostly water
20.the permanent increase in size and number of cells of an organism
2.the major store of carbohydrate energy in animal cells
3.a group of cells with a similar structure and function
4.energy produced in the mitochondria
6.major source of energy for animals, including humans
12.formation of chemical compounds from more simple compounds
14.solution with the same water potential in- and outside of cell

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