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Chemistry Of Life

Stan & Alecia

4     5         6
9                 10    
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15                       16 17    
  21   22 23                

2.Cells that need steady supply of adenosine triphosphate
4.Subtance made of the bonded atoms of two or more different elements
9.Substance made up of atoms that have the same number of protons
12.Molecules made of amino acids
14.Molecule make of three parts: a sugar, a base, and a phosphate group
15.A long chain of nucleotide units
17.Atom or groups of atoms that has an electric charge
18.Building Blocks that link to form proteins
19.Electrons in the outermost level, or shell
20.Substance that reacts to prevent pH changes in a solution
21.Contains the sugar ribose
23.A mixture in which ions or molecules of one or more substance are evenly distributed in another substance
24.Attraction or particles of the same substance
25.Compound that form extra hydroxide ions when dissolved in water
1.New substance that is formed
2.Smallest unit of matter that cannot be broken down by chemical means
3.The shape of the active site determines which reactants
5.Measure of how acidic or basic a solution is
6.Group of atoms held together by covalent bonds
7.Fats, phospholipids, steroids, and waxes
8.The reaction is the minimum kinetic energy that colliding particles need to start a chemical reaction
9.Molecule that increases the speed of biochemical reactions
10.Molecule made of sugar
11.The region where the reaction takes place
13.Contains the sugar deoxyribose
16.Substance that is changed in a chemical reaction
18.Attraction between particles of different substance
22.Compounds that form extra hydronium ions when dissolved in water

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