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Wave and Sound

1 2
  3           4
  6                   7  
10   11                 12

3.the time for a vibrating particle to one cycle
6.the distance between two similar points in successive identical cycles in a wave
8.the maximum point of a transverse wave
9.a shift of an entire wave along the x-axis with respect to an otherwise identical wave
11.the maximum displacement of a wave from its equilibrium point
13.the transfer of energy through a meterial due to vibrations
16.the property of a medium that returns to its original shape after being disturbed
17.a form of energy produced by rapidly vibrating objrcts detectable by sensory organs such as the ear
18.a wave in which particles vibrate perpendicular to the direction of the fiow of energy
19.the displacement of a particle over a certain time interval ; the difference between the particle's initial and final positions
20.the shape of a wave when graphed
1.the minimum point of a transverse wave
2.a wave in which particles vibrate parallel to the direction of the flow of energy
4.in a continuous transverse or longitudinal wave,the x-coordinate of a unique point of the wave
5.the region in a longitudinal wave in which the medium's particles are farther apart
7.the number of complete cycles that occur in unit time,usually 1s;measured in hertz
10.the region in a longitudinal wave in which the medium's particles are closer together
12.the rate at which a wave is travelling through a medium; also a measure of how fast the energy in the wave is moving
14.the cyclical motion of an object about an equilibrium point
15.the material that permits the transmission of energy through vibrations

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