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Coffee (Funny crossword puzzle)

Graziella van Norden

Some of the definitions are ironic. No offense!

1 2
4 5   6          
8           9          
    15           16

6.What Columbians grow and export in an attempt to make the world think that they are not the world's leading cocaine exporter.
8.Stupid things that are green.
9.Noun: a small red fruit with a hard pit that grows on trees. There are red and black varietes. Also, the tree or wood of said tree.
11.In Amsterdam this is not a cafe, its a place which sells drugs, e.g. weed, hemp, hash etc.
12.To crush something into powder.
14.To grow or create.
15.season for gathering ripened crops
17.not sleeping
18.Something that wives keep count of when you are at a party.
19.A drug stereotypically popular in England.
20.To cook (meat or other food) by dry heat, usually with added fat and esp in an oven.
1.A legal stimulant that is found in coffee, soft drinks and energy drinks.
2.A place where coffee is served, esp one that was a fashionable meeting place in 18th-century London.
3.short form of black..., a fruit
4.A container, usually cylinder-shaped, that is used to hold liquids so as to make it easier to drink them.
5.Mr. B _ _ _
7.A very beautiful African. They usually try to steal food from the U.S. and other first world countries. Very skinny. Can be used to describe someone who is very skinny.
10.Drug that increases activity in the central nervous system or sympathetic nervous system, ranging from caffine to methamphetamine.
13.Country of Pelé, Samba, and Bossa-Nova.
16.The region of the Earth centred on the equator and characterized by a hot and moist climate.

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