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Benefits and Disadvantages of Solar Energy


Hey there! This is our second crossword puzzle. It utilises a fill in the blank system where you enter the missing word indicated using a question mark. It covers the benefits and disadvantages of Solar Energy. For information, please refer to the PREZI available on our website. How you fair is a gauge on how much you have understood. Enjoy!

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5.solar panels, which are used to produce electricity, are ? to set up
8.Also, the setting up of solar energy is ?. If the panels are going to be put on an already built surface(e.g a roof), some structures might have to be destroyed in order to construct solar panels.
9.reduces electrical bills as solar energy produces energy at a ? cost
10.solar energy is a ? source of energy
1.solar energy is ? as the sun shines most of the time
2.electricity generated through solar energy reduces ? on electrical utilities
3.maintenance costs are ?. Maintenance costs are high.PV cells for example require frequent maintenance and in the case of a severe storm,there might be a need to arrange a professional to repair damage done to the panels
4.solar energy is not a very ? source off energy as there is no guarantee that the sun shines continuously as it is dependent on weather/climate
6.in conclusion, solar energy has both ? and disadvantages
7.solar energy does not ? the environment as it does not release any harmful gases in the production of electricity

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