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HSC Communication

Vince ingrati

HSC Communication terms

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8.light sensitive pigment found in rod cells
9.on the outer side
10.small muscles attached to the lens that change the shape of the lens to focus on near and far objects
12.simple eye spot
13.the place on the retina where the optic nerve leaves the eye, contains no light sensitive cells
15.changing the focus in the eye by changing the shape of the lens using the ciliary muscles
16.transparent fluid that lies between the cornea and the lens
18.nerve that leaves the retina of the eye
21.clear, see through
25.three dimensional view using the overlapping field of view from two eyes
27.inability to detect particular colours caused by a lack of specific colour cone cells
28.involving the use of two eyes with overlapping field of view resulting in depth perception
1.jelly-like substance that fills the eye between the lens and the retina
2.the opening in the iris of the eye
3.membrane lining the outer layer of the eye
4.sharpness of vision
5.light sensitive cell found on the retina of the eye, eye, particularly important in colour perception
6.visual units of the compound eye of invertebrates
7.light sensitive cells especially useful for the detection of low light
11.tough white coating in the eye
14.an organ or cell, sensitive to light
17.bending of light
19.a layer between the sclera and the retina
20.vision from one eye
22.light sensitive lining on the back of the eye
23.a clouding of the eye’s lens
24.transparent layer at the front of the eye,refracts incoming light
26.point on the retina with the greatest acuity and the greatest number of cone cells

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