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Photovoltaic cells


What's up? Anyway, this is our third crossword puzzle on Photovoltaic cells. It utilises a fill in the blank system where you enter the missing word indicated using a question mark. In this crossword puzzle, you will be tested on what Photovoltaic cells are and the pros and cons of Photovoltaic cells. Information can be found in the PREZI available on our website. So, what are you waiting for? Try it now!

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1.photovoltaic cells are arranged into modules called ?
5.photovoltaic cells do not generate electricity 24/7 as the sun does not shine all the time, so the amount of electricity generated might not be ?
6.photovoltaic cells are ? and help reduce on the carbon footprint
9.photovoltaic cells usually contain semi-? which help to conduct electricity
10.photovoltaic cells can be used again and again as the sun is always there, meaning that there will be a ? source of electricity
2.photovoltaic cells directly convert ? into electricity
3.photovoltaic cells produce direct currents from sunlight, which needs to converted to alternating current for consumption and requires the use of inverters, which are costly and have technological ?
4.photovoltaic cells are ? and are expensive to maintain, and also in the case of a bad weather storm, they might get damaged easily, adding to repair costs.
7.photovoltaic cells are not as efficient in ? countries like UK due to lower levels of sunlight
8.photovoltaic cells, unlike wind turbines, do not generate ? pollution when producing electricity

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