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Saskatchewan 20 Questions

Millie Zeiler

How well do you know the province of Saskatchewan?

1 2 3 4 5            
    6                 7
11 12   13        
14         15            
16       17                

4.Which town is located on both the Manitoba and Saskatchewan borders?
6.Which is Saskatchewan's largest lake?
8.What color is the top half of the Saskatchewan flag?
9.Who was Saskatchewan's first premier?
10.Which city is located on both the Alberta and Saskatchewan borders?
13.How many wheat sheaths are on the Saskatchewan coat of arms?
14.What is the name of Saskatchewan's CFL team?
16.How many National Parks are in Saskatchewan?
17.Who was the NHLer known as "Mr. Goalie" from Saskatchwan?
18.Where is Olysky L.P.'s head office located?
19.How many National Historic Sites are in Saskatchewan?
1.Which is Saskatchewan's most populated city?
2.Who was the famous gangster rumored to use the underground tunnels in Moose Jaw?
3.Who is Saskatchewan's current premier?
5.Which Regina-born actor was featured in the Naked Gun movies?
7.Which is the official flower of Saskatchewan?
11.Which American State is located directly south of Saskatchewan?
12.What is the color of the bottom half of Saskatchewan's flag?
15.What is the capital of Saskatchewan?

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