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Carbon footprint and solar energy systems


Welcome! This is our last and final crossword puzzle on the carbon footprint and solar energy systems. It utilises a fill in the black question system where you replace the correct with with the question mark. To know more about carbon footprint and solar energy systems, you can visit our website. How well you do for this quiz determines how well you have understood our learning package. Have fun!

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4.there are ? broad categories of solar enrgy systems
6.solar water heating requires a very ? set up
7.passive solar heating produces little ? pollution as there is no moving mechanical parts involved
12.the process in concentrated solar systems involves ? being focused on mirrors to create a high-intensity heat source to power a mechanical generator to generate electricity
13.in solar water heating, light from the sun heats up an ? plate in the solar collector, and this heats the water running through the tubes in the solar collector.
14.the carbon footprint per year and per person should be ? to less than 2000kg Carbon Dioxide to ensure sustainable development for our earth
15.in solar cookers, a basic cooker is a one with an ? box which has a glass top
16.carbon footprint helps countries to monitor their ? gas emissions and in the medium-and long term
1.solar water heating requires 2/3 ? energy than other methods,making it more energy-efficient
2.solar cookers are not suitable for ? areas, and for places with not much sunlight/hot weather
3.solar water heating is very ?-consuming,and not ideal for areas with high density buildings
5.passive solar heating does not require any solar collectors, but instead are heat-absorbing materials placed on ?
6.carbon footprint is the total amount of ? Dioxide gas produced directly or indirectly from human activities
8.in solar water heating, the heated water will then be pumped to a ? tank, and the heat produced can power heating or cooling systems.
9.solar cookers are useful in very ? areas, and also practical for survival means
10.passive solar heating does not produce a lot of electricity compared to other methods, less efficient as it cannot change its ? to face areas with more sunlight
11.solar water heating is a clean and ? source of energy

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