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Standard Seven Science

Gaabadzo Moseki

Gamification of content can motivate students to learn and also have more practice with their subject content. It can also offer the opportunity for parents to participate in the learning of their children.

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1.What do we call the kind of action that one takes without even thinking about it?
3.Machines can show a baby inside the mother's uterus.
5.One can prevent a very large current flowing through a conductor by using a_____.
7.The central nervous system consists of the spinal cord and the ____
8.This disease is also caused by a shortage of protein in the diet.
10.Layer formed when solid particles sink to the bottom of a container.
11.Doing work to keep machines in good order and working well.
14.Energy that comes from molten rock layers deep below the surface of the earth.
15.The south pole is on land that is called.
18.A_____studies matter and energy.
20.The time it takes the earth to complete one revolution is about one ______
22.Fungi are plants without any ___________.
24.An example of a non-renewable energy sources.
26.Seeds_____ by wind are small and very light
29.Water is ______ for all life.
30.The quickest way to sterilize water is by ___.
31.An infection that occurs in the fluid around the brain and the spinal cord
32.A person who is very much overweight
38.The opening in the middle of the Iris.
39.Watches that have hands to show hours, minutes and seconds are called______watches
41.A_____studies the ways different substances can change and combine
42.Malaria is spread by_______.
43.A thin membrane that blocks off the ear canal.
44.Caused by bacteria which are transmitted mainly through sexual intercourse
2.When the cotyledons of a germinating seed grows up out of the soil it is called _______germination.
4.Animals that feed on food that is left by other animals
6.Is the upright backbone .It is made up of many smaller bones called vertebrae
9.____________is a change of state from liquid to gas.
12.When materials are rubbed, the friction produces an _______ charge.
13.Children are mostly affected by smoking in house holds where they are____smokers
16.People who need alcohol so much that they have become addicted to it
17.A_____is a possible answer or explanation for the question.
19.There is no treatment that will kill HIV once it has entered the ______.
21.It supports the body and keeps it upright and strong
23.The embryo plant needs______from the air to start germinating.
25.__________ consumers are animals that eat the animal in the primary consumer group
27.Dark colours are good ________ of heat.
28.A_______watch or clock does not have hands to show the time or the date.
33.Solar cookers can be used to save _________.
34._______ is the name given to organic material such as plants
35.What makes a body able to resist a disease.
36.Technology can solve problems and it can also cause _________
37.Which of these is not one of the three small bones in the middle ear? Hammer,Anvil,Cochlea and Stirrup.
40.Birds like vultures have very strong _________ with which they can tear skin from a carcass.

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