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Canada Day

Michael Mielke

A puzzle to review vocabulary associated with Canada.

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3.This is a type of boat that has been used by the people of Canada for hundreds and hundreds of years.
8.This is a sweet liquid that comes from trees. (2 Words)
9.This is red and you can see it on the Canadian flag. (2 Words)
11.This is Canada's biggest city on the east coast. It has a star-shaped fort like in Hakodate.
13.This is Canada's most famous tourist attraction. (2 Words)
16.This is Canada's most popular sport.
17.This is Canada's most famous mountain range.
19.A very large animal found all over Canada. It has a very long nose and legs.
20.This city was the host of the 1976 Olympics where Nadia Comaneci got a perfect score in gymnastics.
21.This is a very popular fish in Canada for sports fishing.
22.A very large and dangerous bear. They love salmon.
1.The capital city of Canada.
2.Canada's national animal.
4.A wild dog found all over Canada. (2 Words)
5.This is one of Canada's oldest cities. (2 Words)
6.This is the nickname of Canada's national police force. They have red uniforms.
7.The country located north of the United States.
10.This is a large part of Canada that is very flat and covered with wheat and corn.
12.The largest city in western Canada and also was the sit of the 2010 Winter Olympics.
14.This is a very large animal you can see on the prairies. It is brown and has a huge head and horns.
15.The largest city in Canada.
18.A large and dangerous cat found all over Canada.

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