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Commonly used Homonym examples

1 2 3
6         7        
  9       10         11
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  15 16
17       18 19      
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    23       24
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5.loose cash / to turn into something else
6.outer skin of tree / dog's sound
7.game between 2 teams / wooden stick to light fire
9.throw a fishing line / mould for metal
10.a horse's area in stable / stopping when engine looses power
13.fight / container
14.to be ill / in poor taste
17.expensive / opening word in letter
19.to rip / water drop from eye
20.young deer / to keep pandering to someone
21.first season of year / coiled metal in beds
23.common metal / clothes flattening device
25.burning wood / to dismiss an employee
26.not quite cold / laid back person
27.arctic aquatic animal / to join together
28.of a type / to be nice
29.to join with string / shirt adornment
1.opposite of front / return
2.slang for a thousand / big and important
3.12 inches / end of leg
4.far away form anywhere / tv control device
6.holds up a ceiling / ray of light
8.grassy public place / to position a car on street
11.used to shoot arrows / to bend in respect
12.outside natural air movement / to turn handle
15.term for twenty / horrible
16.fruit conserve / to stick i.e. a door
17.duck feathers / opposite of up
18.thinflat piece of wood /to get onto a ship or plane
19.elephant nose / boot of US car
20.very small pieces of metal / bill for offence
22.frozen balls of rain / to call a cab on the street
24.something you read / how to get a ticket

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