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Mary and Martha Are Visited by Jesus

by Tom & Shirley Reed

Words that are associated with the Biblical account of Mary, Martha, and Jesus

1 2
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    8   9
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6.Jesus said Martha was distracted because she was
7.Relationship of Mary and Martha
10.Martha thought Jesus did not ________ that she had many things to do.
11.Was distracted with all the work she had to make
12.Jesus said that Mary has chosen the (2 words)
15.Martha _________ Jesus into her home.
16.Was a guest of Mary and Martha
1.Mary ______ Martha to do all of the work
2.Jesus was a _______ in Martha's home
3.Martha had many ______________ she had to make
4.Where Mary and Martha lived
5.Jesus said that Martha was also ________ by many things
8.Mary _________ to what Jesus had to say
9.Sat at the feet of Jesus
13.Martha was working __________
14.Martha believed she needed Mary to ________ her.

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