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Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch

by Tom & Shirley Reed

Words associated with the Biblical account of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch meeting on the road to Gaza.

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1.An apostle of the Lord
4.Queen of Ethiopia
5.Scroll that the Ethiopian was reading
6.City where Philip found himself as he passed through the area
7.What did the Ethiopian see?
8.Who told Philip to join the Ethiopian
10.Type of road Philip was traveling on
12.The Spirit _________ Philip away
13.When the Ethiopian saw water, he wanted to be ____________
16.Why the Ethiopian was in Jerusalem
18.City where Philip was traveling from
19.Where the Ethiopian was going when he met Philip
21.The sheep suffered in ___________________.
22.___________ was taken from the sheep
24.Job of the Ethiopian Eunuch
25.How was Philip traveling when he came up to the chariot
26.The sheep was __________ and did not open his mouth
27.The Ethiopian needed someone to ______ him so he could understand
1.Type of job held by Isaiah
2.Where Philip ended his journey after having proclaimed the "good news".
3.Type of vehicle the Ethiopian was riding in
8.Beginning with this, Philip proclaimed the good news
9.Nationality of man Philip met
10.Philip and the Ethiopian went _________ into the water
11.Philip asked the Ethiopian if he ________ what he was reading.
14.The Ethiopian went on his way __________
15.The sheep was led like he was going to be _______________
17.Of whom was the "good news" talking about?
20.The sheep's ______was taken from him.
23.Told Philip to go toward Gaza

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