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Naaman and the Slave Girl

by Tom & Shirley Reed

Words associated with the Biblical account of the Syrian general Naaman and the servant girl.

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2.What was Naaman's mood when told to wash in the Jordan?
3.Nationality of Naaman
8.King of Syria was Naaman's __________
9.Another precious metal given to King of Israel by Naaman
10.When healed, how was Naaman's skin described
12.What general things did Elisha tell Gehazi not to accept?
13.3rd river that Naaman wanted to wash himself
14.Military description of the type of person Naaman was
16.The King of Israel ______ his clothes
17.Who did the King of Syria worship
18.Elisha's servant
19.How many times was Naaman supposed to wash himself in the Jordan?
20.Precious metal given to King of Israel by Naaman
21.Gehazi wanted a ________ of silver from Naaman
23.Type of disease that Naaman had.
25.Where Elisha lived
27.Non-metal given to King of Israel by Naaman
28.Type of transportation that Naaman rode
29.Cured Naaman of his skin disease
30.Gehazi's ___________ would also be afflicted with leprosy.
1.What the King of Israel thought the King of Syria wanted to do.
2.2nd river that Naaman wanted to wash himself
3.Gehazi's skin was described as being white as ______.
4.Naaman declared there was no ______ except in Israel
5.What the King of Syria sent to the King of Israel
6.In what river was Naaman supposed to cleanse himself?
7.Gehazi wanted two ______ of clothes from Naaman
11.Type of military units that went to Israel from Syria
13.Elisha's job
15.Naaman went to Elisha's _________
18.Rank of Naaman
20.Naaman's wife had a ___________girl
22.River that Naaman want to wash himself
23.What disease inflicted Gehazi after accepting the gifts from Naaman
24.How long would Gehazi's relatives be afflicted with leprosy.
26.What would happen to Naaman's skin
30.When Elisha refused a gift, what did Naaman ask for?

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