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Josiah the Young King

by Tom & Shirley Reed

Words that are associated with the Biblical account of Josiah the Young King

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6.Josiah did what the Lord _________
7.The high priest was ___________
9.The workmen were to buy timber to help repair the house of the Lord.
10.Since Josiah had humbled himself, his eyes would not see __________.
11.The people who had forsaken God were to become a _________.
12.Josiah had ___________ himself before the Lord
14.Josiah vowed to keep the Lord's _________.
15.The Lord was called the God of _________.
17.The Judeans had offered _________ to false gods.
22.Josiah read the Book of the __________ before all the people.
23.What had been brought into the house of the Lord?
26.Josiah's mother was ___________
28.To whom did Shaphan read the Book of the Law?
29.Who was given the Book of the Law and read it?
32.God said that Josiah's ________ was penitent.
33.Josiah's grandfather was _____________
1.Josiah said the people had incurred the ______ of God.
2.The workmen were to __________ the house of the Lord
3.Josiah reigned _____________ years (2 words)
4.Josiah would be buried in ________ since he had humbled himself.
5.Josiah reigned at ___________
8.When Josiah heard the Book of the Law, he ______ his clothes.
11.The workmen were to buy ________ to repair the house of the Lord (2 words).
12.No accounting was to be done because the workmen were __________
13._______ would bring disaster on the people because they had forsaken Him.
16.Who found the Book of the Law?
18.God was provoked to ________ since the people had forsaken Him
19.Hilkiah & others went to see _______, a prophetess, for advice?
20.Where did Josiah's grandfather live?
21.Josiah sent for the _______ of Judah and Jerusalem.
24.Josiah walked in the footsteps of _________
25.Huldah lived in the ___________ district of Jerusalem (2 words)
27.Hilkiah was to ________ the money.
30.When the peoople abandoned God, they made idols of other gods.
31.Josiah was _______ years old when he became the King

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