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eccentric, vain, immature, open-minded, assertive, possessive, witty, arrogant, reserved, ambitious, insincere, impulsive, insecure, ashort-tempered, moody, wise, smart, easy-going, loyal, sensitive, sensible, sociable, bossy, fish, neck, pessimist, reliable

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2.a person who has a grat sense of humour and makes good jokes
5.a person who has a lot of knowledge and personal experience
7.a person who tends to think they are better than other people
9.a person who likes to give orders to other people
11.a person who expresses their idea or opinion with confidence
17.a person who doesn't feel sure about oneslef
19.a person who is fairly (at times - too much) relaxed about most things
20.My boss is a rather cold ... . He is never friendly with anyone.
22.a person who looks at themselves in every mirror they pass
23.a person who looks different and/or behaves in an unsual way
24.noone really knows what this person feels
25.this person gest angry vry easily
26.opposite to optimist
1.a bright person
3.a person who tends to behave like a child
4.ill-tempered, irritable person
6.this person acts without thinking
7.a person who is determined to succeed
8.a person who likes and is good at communicating with other people
10.He is just such a pain in the ... .
13.a person who is prepared to accept new and different ideas
14.a delicate person, who can get upset very easily
15.this person doesn't say what they really think
16.a person who is not very good at sharing their friends with other people
18.a person you cant trust and ask to do something
21.a practical person

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